Barton Broad

Broads Authority

The Broads Authority has numerous references to Barton Broad on its web-site, a search yielding over 2000 results, including a resume of the History of Barton Broad .

It also has a description of the Clear Water 2000 project to restore the clear water and landscape of Barton Broad, encourage back the wildlife, and improve and expand access.

Norfolk Punt Club

The Norfolk Punt Club was established in 1926 and describes itself as a fun loving, family oriented sailing club, comprising of sailors of all ages. The Norfolk Punt Owners Association web-site includes a comprehensive history of the class and the club.

A celebration of Norfolk Punts 1926-2006 by Jamie Campbell also includes historical information about Barton Broad.

Medieval peat digging:

Rev John Gunn and Samuel Woodward description of the broad in 1834

Barton – Irstead ridge marking parish boundary

Barton Bury accounts of peat digging c.1450

Wherries and Wherrymen  (see Ann Wilson; and John Yaxley’s list of wherrymen)

Pleasure Boating:

Regatta, 19th century ‘Water Frolic’ and Yacht Racing

‘Maria’, a lateener built for Sir Jacob Preston

Fishing and Eel catching