The Brits did not pay for dinner in the restaurant they ate with their ornamental flowers. The waiters said, “Learn English law!”

The British couple who ate a meal at a Gloucester Thai restaurant – along with decorative flowers – refused to pay the dinner bill, and restaurant staff said they would “come back from where they came from and learned the British law.”

EmployeesThe Thai restaurant in Gloucester was shocked by the behavior of the British couple, who not only ate the entire meal they served – also with the flowers being part of the decoration – and did not pay for it, but in a particularly “rude and xenophobic” manner “instructed” the staff and the owner of the premises.

At the moment the waiter brought the bill to the brunch he had consumed, he heard that he did not receive a meal allowance and “should learn British law.” Kittima Manmaunjun, the restaurant’s owner, said the couple was in their mid-thirties and booked a table for 19 hours. After the British had spent the evening with their restaurant staff and had a 68.50-pound dinner, they said they would not pay for it.

“The woman insulted me and said that I should come back from where I came from and learned the British laws. She was really rude. She insults my two waitresses, telling them that even in the minimum wage they should know the British law. And these two girls are British. It was a shock. My employees almost cried, they never met them, “said the restaurant owner.

Ms. Manmaunjun explained that the couple did not want to pay for food because it was supposedly “too hard to chew.” It did not prevent the British from eating the whole dinner together with the flowers.

“I told them I could not cancel their bill because their claims should be reported to us early in the evening. The woman told me that we should accept the criticism, but I pointed out to her that she should be honest with us, “added the owner of the premises.

Restaurant workers reported to the police, but when the officers arrived, the couple had already left the premises without paying for dinner. Identification of British people should not be difficult, however, as CCTV recordings have been preserved.

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