Polish Choice 2017: Scaffolding Company – is a priority for us to safety

You are well known in the UK market and company are you working with multi-million dollar projects in London. What exactly is Scaffolding Company? You work only with major projects, and also helping with the less spectacular?

ATD Structures offers professional installation of scaffolding in the UK. We meet the expectations of our customers, ranging from developers, ending on private residential applications. As they say in the local market, “no job is too small.”


Finding a good company assumes scaffolding is not easy, it largely depends on you the safety of people working at heights. What conditions have to meet, that everything is buttoned up the last button?

Our priority is the safety and State, far bed NCE our employee ó in, and all persons yellow enjoying from the structure. Each desired will of our construction is faced wed wit ug prevailing ± smokers requirement turtle in the NASC – TG13 / 20 (National Access & Scaffolding Confederation) as well as from the obligation ± in force ± cymi in UK standards, Health and Safety. The qualityand bewithbakingñState wp huge workwity in May several weeks of training, ktyellow‘re going throughand our employees.



We know that the British weather is very unstable and mostly rainy. How do you deal with the island weather conditions, which can seriously impede and delay the work on construction sites?

Weather …… hmmm (laughs). After each desired s storm comes wit about the box – yes it’s true British weatherandcan sometimes poorly desired word plans, espbedcunningśthose winters±working conditions welcome difficult. Nandaesthetic of the weather There wpwittide, although respectively numberedanda clothing desired prevents young conditions



Scaffolding Company also has a department of planning and design. What is he doing?

We work with architectural firm, which according to the requirements and needs of the projects creates a scaffold, made measurements and calculations. This ensures that our design will resist the load and we will meet all expectations of our customers.


You have 12 years of experience in the UK market. Do you happen to work at unusual or spectacular architectural design?

In this industry there are interesting projects in unusual places.


Top CV & Cover Letter Tips From Experts at Just Jobs in Norfolk

What You Can Learn About CV and Cover Letters From Experts


Your CV and covering letters is your one chance to sell yourself to potential employers! So you want to make the best first impression you can and a covering letter is the best way to do that! But are you not sure where to start when it comes to writing a cover letter? Don’t worry because Just Norfolk Jobs has put together a step-by-step guide to help you along the way!

Layout –

Your cover letter should be set out like a business letter, starting with your name and postal address on the top right side. Make sure you include your email address, contact number and the date of your letter underneath.

On the left-hand side of the page add the contact details of your addresses this one might sound a bit obvious, but when you’re writing a cover letter you should always address the letters to the person handling the job applications. This may be listed in the advert, but if you are unsure of who the contact is when you’re doing your company research give the company a call and ask for a name and their job title! This needs to be added underneath their name. Once you’ve done that you will then need to add the company’s name and address.

Leave a line below the contact details then write either Dear Mr. Smith/ Dear Ms. Smith if you know the person or if you don’t; Dear Sir/ Madam will be absolutely fine.

One more thing before you start the body of your letter add the job title/ job reference for the potion you’re applying for example ‘Re: Office Admin/Accounts Assistant’ above where you are addressing to the reader.

Opening paragraph

This paragraph should be short and straight to the point. Giving you the chance to explain why you’re writing to them. i.e. ‘I would like to be considered for the position of ‘Office Admin/Accounts Assistant’ you have advertised on Just Norfolk Jobs in Norwich’ As you can see It’s also a good idea to add where you come across the advert.

Second Paragraph

Once you have explained why you’re writing to them you now have the chance to explain why you are suitable for their position. Briefly, describe your skills and qualifications that and relevant to the role you are applying for.

Third paragraph

This is your opportunity to emphasize what you can do for the company. Explain why they should employ you, remember this is your chance to really sell yourself! But don’t make it too wordy, covering letters should not exceed more than 1A4 page in length.

Closing off the letter

Thank them for taking the time to read your cover letter and sign off with ‘Yours Sincerely’ and then your name.

Final Check

Brilliant you have finished writing your Cover Letter! Just one last thing to do before you send it off… Proofreading, This is crucial the last thing you want is a cover letter that doesn’t make any sense and has loads of spelling mistakes.

Remember that your cover letter is the first thing a potential employer will look at when considering your job application. Take your time and you could end up in the yes pile!

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