The honeymoon couple was so drunk that she was arrested at the Manchester airport!

34-year-old Nadia and 39-year-old Darren Stanway waiting for the plane at Manchester Airport to take their honeymoon, drank beer and three bottles of wine. After alcohol, there was such an aggressive quarrel between the newlyweds that police were called in place.

39-year-old Darren Stanway has had a beer and Nadia’s wife has emptied three bottles of wine in a taxi to Manchester Airport. Unfortunately, their trip was just over, when in the eyes of frightened passengers the couple began to argue with real fury, because it turned out that she was late for the plane.


Pijana Nadia Stanway complained about the aggressive behavior of her husband when he was shouting, “You stupid today – it’s all your fault!” When police arrived at the airport, Darren Stanway said to one of the officers, “I’m dead, Here sit and drink my pier *** they beer! “
The man was arrested and stood before Manchester Court, for which he was charged with a fine of £ 260.Asked by the judge about what he would do next time, the 39-year-old said, “No wine for my wife.” The man explained in court: “My wife drank three bottles of wine in a taxi while we were going to the airport, and I thought she had only one drink. The problem is that she drinks wine when I drink vodka and whiskey, and then shoot her stupid into the head. “

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