This is a new ten-pound note. When will it circulate?

A new ten-pound note was presented by the Bank of England. Here is a handful of basic information about a new banknote that will soon come into circulation.

Mark Carney, the Bank of England President, presented a new banknote on 18th July, the bicentenary of the death of British novelist Jane Austen, whose image was on the new ten-pound note.

On the banknote is also the Cathedral of Winchester, because it was in this city 200 years ago, Austen died. The new banknote went into production in October, and since then the bank has managed to print hundreds of copies. However, the new banknote will only come into circulation until September 14th. The old ten will still be in circulation until spring of 2018, but the exact date of its final withdrawal will be announced 3 months in advance. When the Bank of England listed a five-pound note, the exchange period was 8 months.

The new banknote depicts Jane Austen’s portrait painted after her death by her nephew James Edward Austen. The figurine was already aroused controversy because Austen had a smooth face and a smooth expression on her face.

The portrait of the British author was painted on the basis of a sketch that Sister Austen had made in her lifetime. In the original likeness, it has a pointed chin, narrower lips, and sachets under the eyes. Below the author’s portrait there is a quote from “Thoughtful and Romantic”: “I easily understand her spirit, at least in my mind.”

On the right side of the banknote is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, and right next to it is a special clearance, which is a protection against counterfeiters. Also on the banknote was a picture of a park at Godmersham, which was the inspiration for many of the novelists.

There are two holograms on the new ten-pound, which change the word “ten” to “pound”, as well as the image of the British crown. Jane Austen is the only woman – apart from the queen who has ever been on a banknote emitted by the Bank of England.


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