Boardman Collection

In the early part of the 20th century, Norwich architect Edward Boardman designed and built a holiday home for the family at How Hill.

The Ludham Community Archive Group has been given access to the Boardman Family photograph albums. There are no less than 15 volumes of photographs taken by Mrs Boardman and members of the family.

Among them are some taken on Barton Broad, including the Barton Regatta in 1929.

A gallery of these photographs is included in this site.

To see other photographs from the collection (not of Barton Broad), go to the Ludham Community Archive site.

British Library

The British Library Online Gallery includes the following photographs:

Barton Broad,  Evening, 1892 and a text description

A Corner of Barton Broad, 1892 and a text description

Broadland Memories

Broadland Memories is an archive dedicated to preserving images and personal memories of life and leisure on the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads throughout the 20th century. The web-site includes pictures taken on Barton Broad in the 1950s and one taken in the 1930s.

A gallery of John Hopthrow’s photographs from the 1950s is included on this site.