Pulaski Parade for the medal

“Throughout the year we put a lot of work into the preparation of this event, and today’s parade was the culmination of it,” said Pulaski Parade, Dr Donna Koch-Kapturski, who served as the Grand Marshal at the end of 79. “I am very proud to be leading the Polish Fifth Avenue “.

It was another, very successful manifestation of Polishness in Manhattan, traditionally held on the first Sunday of October. In the nearly five-hour parade there were about 40 contingents from three states: New Jersey, Connecticut and New York. All in all, the world’s most famous avenue has marched – according to organizers estimates – more than 100,000. People to pay tribute to General Kazimierz Pułaski, hero of two nations: Polish and American.
Dr Donna Koch-Kapturski was the head of this year’s parade this year, the first woman in her 80-year history to serve as the Grand Marshal. As many people have said, it was a medal. The roles of honorary marshals, in turn, included Senator Anna Maria Anders, Speaker of the Senate Stanisław Karczewski and well-known radio presenter Bill Shibilski.
“We thank God for Polonia and your strong Catholic faith, for your priests and nuns, for parishes and for people, for families, for your dedication and traditions.” For Our Lady of Czestochowa, Pope John Paul II, St. Faustina, Fr Jerzy Popiełuszko All good on Pulaski Day, “Cardinal Timothy Dolan said after the Mass celebrated before the Pulaski Parade in St. Peter’s Cathedral. Patrick’s Day.
Only under this cross, only under this sign Poland is a Polish Pole Polish, let these ceremonies unite us to become even more Poles. To this great tradition of our nation was known to us and our families, but to share it with all others, “emphasized Bishop Zgleszejwski of the Diocese of Rockville Center on Long Island, which concelebrated Mass. On Pulaski Day.
79. Pulaski’s parade traditionally began with polonaise by honor guests, accompanied by the Polish American Folk Dance Company and the singing of Polish and American hymns. Later, an Old Polish welcome was given to bread, salt and wine and short speeches were made.
“The Fifth Avenue is white and red today because we are celebrating our day in America.” Today we pay homage to one of the greatest heroes in Polish and American history who fought for freedom, Gen. Casimir Pulaski. By marching in the parade we should be proud of ourselves because we, Polonia, have contributed greatly to the building of this country, “said President of the Committee of the Pulaski Parade Richard Zawisny addressing the Polonia on Fifth Avenue.

“I cordially greet all of you, it is a great honor for us to be together with you that we together form a national community.” This year we came to show you that we are proud of being Poles, thank you for supporting us. The tradition that since 1936 has been celebrated for the 79th time, “said the Speaker of the Polish Senate Stanisław Karczewski, accompanied by a group of senators from the Senate. A guest from Poland added that the figure of General Casimir Pulaski is very close to him.
“In my constituency – in Warka, Winery – he spent his legacy, there he was baptized, he went to school, he is a great hero, connecting the two nations, I invite you to visit his museum in Warka. Feature film, because his biography is suitable for this. ”

“On behalf of the Senate and our compatriots in Poland, I greet all of you, and we are extremely pleased to be here with you.” It is a great honor for us, “said Senator Anna Maria Anders.
Speakers also spoke with American politicians who thanked the Poles for their contribution to building America. Among them was, among others. New Jersey senator Raymond Leśniak, former Pulaski High Marshal, who is planning to announce his candidacy this year, as well as congressman Dan Donovan, representing the 13th District in New York who spoke briefly about his Polish roots.
“My mother’s name was Bolewicz, and I thank you for keeping the Polish traditions,” he said.
New York Senator Chuck Schumer emphasized the contribution of Polonia to America’s development. “We are grateful to the Poles for what they have done for New York and America, I love my country and I think that the more Poles in America are, the better this country is. “He said sleep. Schumer.
“Today I am Polish,” emphasized congressman Carolyn Maloney, adding that it was for the Poles’ heritage that the federal government would allocate $ 690 million to reconstruct the Kosciuszko Bridge. “We thank the generals Kosciuszko and Pulaski and all the Poles who helped build this country. Long live friendship between Poland and America “.
Some American guests have pointed out the need for greater promotion of the two heroes of the two nations. He talked about it. Curtis Sliwa, who served as the Grand Marshal of the Pulaski Parade in 2009 and has since come to the parade every year.
“I think most people do not know who Pulaski and Kosciuszko are.” This is really the failure of the American education system. “” We have to do more to educate people outside the Polish-American community. ” – Most people do not know that I have Polish roots. My father was from Poland, lived in Chicago, and my grandparents were from Limanowa. I still have to remind people that I have Puerto Rican roots. ”
This year, for the first time after many years of absence of the October manifestation of Polishness on Fifth Avenue, representatives of the Polish Airlines LOT, with the president of the company Rafał Milczarski, appeared.

“Our presence at the parade is a sign of respect for the Polonia members and their willingness to show them that we care so much that our compatriots living here fly LOT and remember that we are also for them and that Poland is for them and We are very anxious for these bonds to continue to flourish, so I am here and I am pleased that on my first visit to New York I will look at this city from a parade perspective, “said Rafal Milczarski, Also announcing that April 28th will take place the first direct flight from Warsaw to Newark after a few years’ break.
The presence of Polish Airline LOT was not missed. Representatives marched with the Association of Polish-American Travel Agents SPATA and distributed white and blue balloons.
The main theme of this year’s parade was: “Celebrating Polish American Youth in Honor of World Youth Day in Krakow”. Consequently, many contingents taking part in the Fifth Avenue march with their costumes referred to the World Youth Day which took place in Krakow at the end of July. That was the case. With the division from Ridgewood and from the parish of Our Lady of Czestochowa and St. Kazimierz in Brooklyn, as well as a group of scouts, among whom, apart from styling on different nationalities, even Pope Francis appeared. There were also many references to the 1050th anniversary of the baptism of Poland, but mainly white and red, both marching and parading. Just like last year, many young people could be seen among the participants of this year’s Pulaski Parade. The PSFCU contingent was very popular with Golec uOrkiestra and the Polish American Sports Association, with whom Anita Włodarczyk marched in white and red dress.
The Olympic champion and world champion, as well as the world record holder in the hammer throw, received a beautiful gift from the Grand Marshal – the crystal globe. Marshals of the individual quota were also greeted by Dr. Donna Koch-Kapturski with bunches of flowers.
The participants, as well as the observers, stressed that the 79th Pulaski parade was very successful, both in terms of organization and frequency. Besides, despite the best weather forecasts, the weather has always had a big impact on the overall event.
“I thank all of you for participating in this year’s parade – its participants and spectators, as well as my family, I hope all Poles are having fun today.” I am very proud that in beautiful weather I was able to lead her through the Fifth Avenue today. The Pulaski Parade her Grand Marshal, Dr. Donna Koch-Kapturski.

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