“Thank you for everything” – poignant phone Italians trapped in a burning Grenfell Tower parents

Gloria Gottardi and Marco Trevisan know that have little chance for it to escape alive from a burning skyscraper Grenfell Tower. However, within several minutes that divided them from death, they managed to perform phone calls to parents and thank them for everything they have done for them. 

Gloria Gottardi and Marco Trevisan were a loving couple who came to London z Włoch. Both graduated at the Faculty of Architecture, and in Grenfell Tower lived only three months ago. A pair of well Folks felt in the apartment on the 23rd floor, where it often took pictures of London.

Unfortunately, in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the location of the apartment almost at the top of the building turned out to be deadly. Gloria Gottardi and Marco Trevisan quickly figured out that they could not escape from the burning budyn.ku as flames rapidly covered the greater part of the facade and the housing quickly broke deadly smoke.

However, pair managed to call my parents and thank them for their presence in your life. – Thank you for everything you’ve done for me – Gloria told her parents. On the other hand, Marco initially tried to reassure parents that everything is under control, but using the second phone no longer able to lie. – During the second phone, and that I can not throw away the head, [Marco] he said that the smoke is everywhere and that it is more and more. We were on the phone to the last moment … about 4:07 told us that their apartment is filled with smoke and the situation became critical. The connection is broken off and from that moment we did not have any contact. No one picked up the phone – recounted the last words of the son of the victim’s father, Giannino.

The family lawyer said, after hearing the recent talks with Glorią i Marco, that is not the slightest chance that they survived that fire. At this stage it is difficult to decide what state are their bodies and whether he can be entirely reduced to Italy.

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